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Real property sales in Thailand, Pattaya

Thai real-estate agency "New Wave Pattaya"

Thailand and the resort area of Pattaya have always been a place to be for those who can make money and invest it into successful real-estate projects. Many factors contribute to the investors’ interest in Thailand, amongst them its favorable location, governmental loyalty towards real-estate activities and the country’s stable economy.

Thailand is a popular touristic destination primarily thanks to kindly climate, year-round sunshine and well-developed infrastructure. Plus affordable prices on the local real-estate market that convince more and more buyers to purchase apartments and houses in Thailand. Such choice is economically viable and reasoned since Thai house property does not hit in the pocket.

Moreover, real-estate prices are increasing year after year. So if you now buy an apartment in Pattaya for a certain price, you’ll benefit from the purchase price spread when you decide to sell it later. The tendency over the past few years confirms the steady increase in prices: innumerable tourists flood Thailand daily seeking for cozy and comfortable accommodation within the resort zone. Hence property for renting in Thailand is profitable for its owner throughout swimming season.

The established and lovely Pattaya resort is an attractive target for potential investors. This pleasure city sparkling with entertainment holds the first rank amongst its peers and boasts excellent infrastructure. City fathers provided best amenities for foreign immigrants: international schools with instruction in English, hospitals with brand-new modern equipment and highly qualified personnel that graduated from leading academies in Europe and USA, department stores and supermarkets that meet European standards, and many other facilities.

Our compatriots are also amongst foreign purchasers on the Pattaya real-estate market. They are attracted by civilized vibe of the resort and decent living conditions. Pattaya house property can be classified into three categories: economy, middle-class and elite. The price of an apartment depends on the category which it belongs to. But the decisive factor is the distance to the beach. Elite property is located at the beachfront and sometimes has a private beach. The middle-class category encompasses apartments and houses farther from the frontline, and the economy real-estate is, as a rule, located even further away from the sea.

As a Russian proverb puts it, repair your cart in December, in July your sledge remember. As a matter of fact, every far-seeing investor buys a share on the early stage of a building construction since a ready-to-occupy flat may cost 40–50% more. One can earn considerably from reselling an apartment later or make it a stable source of extra income by renting it out.

By now you have likely made a decision to buy properties in Pattaya. The real-estate agency ‘New Wave Pattaya’ is eager to take over the difficult part and save you all troubles. Our databases list a plethora of flats, wonderful apartments and snug villas which will race your heart. We can assist you in choosing a suitable apartment or a house and provide you with insightful tips about real-estate buying process as well as make out all necessary documents in full accordance with the local legislation.

We are keen to help you to acquire your dream home in one of the world’s best resorts!





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