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Customer Reviews

Hello !

I want to express my appreciation of " New Wave Pattaya " ," as real estate agency , as well as his staff .

bought two apartments in the Laguna Beach Resort 1 in case C, one for rent and one for yourself. Thailand was not never .

Friends advised me that the best investment in the future and stay in Pattaya .

Victor is director of the agency , conducted a large-scale presentation of the project , the feeling that was in the very homes and in the future of the condominium .


cool. Main construction began on time, constantly expelled me pictures from the building site , friends frequenting Pattaya are in place and confirm that this is indeed so .


not least , it is in my employment time coming invoice and payment documents the coming of the Developer . For this single - thanks .

During communication, we made ​​friends with Victor and his staff constantly talk on the phone .

If you want to get complete information on the property to be confident in the reliability of their investments blood , naturally , if you want to buy an apartment in Pattaya , what would you speak the same language and it feel care of yourself , I recommend to all fellow contact Real Estate Agency " " New Wave Pattaya " ," problems you will never, just from a purely human and professional relations .

Thanks Victor , hello to all my !!! "

Alexander Aleshin

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" Hello !

We have more than 5 years we go to Thailand as a family several times a year (thanks from us to fly far ) . Last year, in the spring poezka thinking about buying an apartment in Pattaya . Well, that fly there often live long , children have to again send on vacation . Contacting several agencies opted for " New Wave " ," really competent and reliable professionals . Projects know inside and out, can always talk about the pros and cons of any project and apartments . As a result, not only purchased an apartment , but also a good friend in the agency employee Artema.Pomog us very much . For example, when I decided to send this summer son and daughter in Pattaya for relaxation and tightening English Artem not only found us a great apartment to rent for a living, but also advised the school for the children and helped arrange passage rates. Once again, thanks to him .

plan to return to Pattaya again and again. Very pleasant and comfortable stay for the city .

If necessary, in the future when looking for an apartment or yourself or your friends , I will recommend this company as highly qualified specialists .

See you in Pattaya !!! "

Vyacheslav Voblenko , Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.


" What a beauty , just can not believe there are we going to live ? At home I went out to the porch , you can break the legs , remnants perekorezhennogo asphalt. Generally we have the city in a terrible state , nature just gorgeous .

Vodicka clean, you can drink tap water , a lot of fish - salmon, trout ( brook in the country , catch trout ) Volcanoes straight as the palm of the house go out and see everything. But that's all , it certainly is not small, but I want to heat and comfortable life .

Buying an apartment

my dream , I had a lot of arguments lead to her husband to come to this decision . We were this summer in Tae 2 months and I finally realized that I wanted to live there. Husband somehow calm about this , my daughter , too (though it is more like what the Pope ) . She was easy to talk to , she is fluent in English, studying Chinese , but the most favorite language - Japanese! In general, any husband supports my decision ))

Since the arrival

(September) , I began to view all property in Pattaya , examined all projects , price category , location. Corresponded with many agencies , highlighting Green Dors ( probably know , they are in the market for a long time ) . Wanted Budget Project Mounten - 6 ( probably not entirely correct name) , in Jomtien . But deferred during the year is difficult to pull money from the budget unnecessarily weekly flower purchases ( through Moscow traffic flow - the plane ) , a lot of money out .

And here I was again in touch with Green Dors , wanted to consult with them on this project) , and written to you , but it is something a long silence , and you will instantly me so much information , the calculation of the flats , discount , etc. . Such an approach , and I wanted it right! I myself sell flowers so I can sell it! (Though hell bald husband all the time wondering how cleverly I did it and it is impossible to deny !))

Wrote it only later , and I asked you to book an apartment already)) to apologize to her , in any case, choose me ! So I think there is nothing to pull , sorry, that had not been possible to do it) ) But apparently , all the time !

A husband

all this does not apply , I just finished it spread information , he agrees , he knows I am for family and comfort ! He loved to Samui and me too , but living there would be boring . Pattaya is strategically well located , close to everything - Bangkok, Hua - Hin , East Pattaya , and any island !

Pattaya I like at home there )) "

Anna Yatsenko , Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

tel . +7 924-780-79-99

Good evening , Victor !

How are you and success ? Hope all is well and moving in the right direction as usual. Watching your movies about real estate on your site .

I 'm glad I found your face in a good realtor and a special thanks for their help in renting for a long time and in the acquisition of apartments. Very well , I think the money invested , for which you thank you . Prepare a new request you to invest in Property in Pattaya , still want to buy a small hotel .

We connected. Do not forget to notify the developer and check that I straightened regular invoices for payment , quarterly .

Thanks again ,

Sincerely ,

Leonid either .

lradkev ( dog ) yandex.ru, +79112706310

Good morning , Victor !

I want to thank you for the offer to purchase an apartment in Pattaya Garden City project , and then help with the purchase . Our whole family is very happy, especially the pool and the grounds are great .

recommend to acquire ready-made shelter in the project , if you have left. Naturally through the Victor company .

Sincerely ,

Vyacheslav Vozhin , Moscow , vyach.forma @ mail.ru

Good day ,

advise all project Garden City , on the second street in the city center . There's all cool . Bought an apartment through the Academy " New Wave" , Victor without comment superprofessional . There are rental department at the management company when I do not , then the apartment is always in demand, separately for surrender its lease does not have to break my head .
Thank you , see you soon !!!

Alexei Prodanov , Krasnoyarsk , Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

I want to express my deep appreciation to the staff of The New Wave of Pattaya.

I have long been looking for an apartment in Pattaya , but finally decide to buy it and be afraid. Still , in another country , other rules , and what the agency did not immediately know to trust .

Not only that necessary papers design takes a lot of time and nerves , so then you also need to buy furniture in the new apartment . One woman are too heavy "pa" to perform.

And here such luck - not only with papers helped me guys , so still and the apartment is already fully packed was . Now I have everything I dreamed of ! Entire Maldives happiness !)))

And most importantly - this is very close to the sea ! Even bathe for days ! It remains only to solve the local problems , and very soon : a new life , a new home and new bright colors !

Thank you very much , guys! Good luck in your undertakings !

Svetlana Borisova , Moscow
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Life is so fast-flowing and everything in it is changing. Do not have time to see how the kids have grown up , scattered in all directions , and my husband and I have become pensioners. Before my daughter in the country rested all the time , but once a year, certainly drove the sea . But recently become increasingly thinking about how would be nice if we lived in at the resort . Health is no longer what it did , and useful fresh air .

Decide the country was just - our children each year going in Pattaya , they like it very much , and a lot of entertainment , and the sea and beaches. We also once been there , thanks to our son , Sergei. Especially because every time children spend so much money on accommodation in hotels and have to be grandparents to come ready for anything .

So we stumbled on the company "New Wave Pattaya ." Good work guys out there , just to have positioned us to her , and explained everything in detail - what we want to find out what suits the price. A flat we chose photographs too. How to choose, and went to look . However, my daughter - my husband while little unwell . Son also helped - both morally and financially .

So we were not disappointed - everything was exactly as we were told and shown . Never regretted the decision we have , because it is just a fairy tale ! Now my husband will not hurt - so much fresh air , greenery and beauty around! And every year grandchildren will come and swim in the sea . Will grow healthy and strong ! Thank you to everyone who helped us. God bless you !

Valentina Bykov
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I am very glad that I finally had the opportunity to thank the staff of the "New Wave of Pattaya ." The fact that my husband and I were in a terrible situation : I had to sell our apartment , quit my job to move to Pattaya . Everything would be great if it were not for "good people" , we stumbled on some professionals kavychkah.V result of their activities where we just had to go ...

That such things : sitting on boxes and suitcases , we had to urgently look for an apartment in Internete.Pereryv bunch of information and weed out suspicious persons , we chose New volnu.Mozhet , the name of the company is positive , adjusts to the fact that all changes the better .


there also called sales manager Natalia , and listened to all-all well- explained, and an algorithm for the purchase and receipt of long-term visa .

In general, all that was needed .

Picked us several options at once, so we can choose.

Well, one of them, we have chosen and reserved - Maldives .

My husband and I are incredibly grateful to the real estate agency " New Wave Pattaya " for what they did for us !

Galina and Vladimir Gusev
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Good day , Victor and Oleg !

I want to thank you for carrying out my dreams. That is - the purchase of an apartment on the sea front , just like I always dreamed . Amat Tower - it's the best that I was asked by price and quality, in your budget , I stacked !!!

I want to breathe the sea breeze in the morning and in the evening with a bird's-eye view to watch the sunset with a cup of coffee or a glass beer , possible. Would recommend this project will soon be the new home in it .

Alexander, Penza

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Hello ,

Can be accessed through

you through your website , Victor, to potential buyers wishing to have their apartments in paradise , in Pattaya . Better deal than Tower Vrngamat not find . Indescribable beauty with high , especially floors , there seems to be an endless sea .

acceptable cost , price is not high, I even got in the campaign to 85,000 per square meter. Everything was just super ! Buy until there is an apartment !

Alexey Petrov , Nizhny Tagil

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Very grateful to the staff

real estate agency " New Wave Pattaya " for help in choosing an apartment in the residential complex project " Sands ».

I'm glad you asked at this agency because cooperation began , without further ado , just on and on. Company representatives answer all questions immediately , clearly and distinctly .

couple of years ago I was vacationing in Pattaya, all madly liked : beautiful resort , many places of interest , and some Russian . Since then hit on the idea of moving . Apply to a " New Wave Pattaya " I advised a friend, whose sister has long moved to Thailand and feels fine there . I hope that will happen to me as well . If you like life abroad , the parents also take away from Peter to himself .

I look forward to the start of construction , and I thank all the employees of the agency.

Xenia Kravtsov
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welcome all employees of the company "New Wave Pattaya ».

I want to say a big thank you for helping to choose a cheap but cozy apartment in the resort town , and even in Pattaya. The fact that my wife's poor health, she was often sick and can not recover for a long time , so I want to take her to where she will feel better.


were in Pattaya five years ago , while we children were sent there on vacation . Wonderful views , the beauty around the sea. Catherine , my wife , was upbeat , cheerful , smiling . Charge of energy and enough sun for two months after his return to Volgograd, and then everything went back to their places ...

the 35th anniversary of the wedding just planned to complete the construction , and that's going to live at the resort , and the children will come to us on vacation. And the apartment they do not have to shoot , we will be staying .

Thanks to the team "New Wave Pattaya " for what really helping people !

Afanasyev Peter A.
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I do not know how to thank the agency for help! Thank you very much !

My husband and I for a long time wanted to move to Pattaya , because there we met accidentally collided during a walk in Jomtien , there honeymooned , traveling halfway across the country , in general, is associated with Thailand a lot of pleasant memories .


firmly decided that still move out , it was clear that it is easier and safer to apply to the real estate agency. But here we were waiting for and the difficulties which agency to choose if their market countless ?

I personally turned the whole Internet , read all that offer a variety of agencies . Focusing on several versions , I started calling offices . Frankly, I was very surprised negligence many secretaries ( or whoever takes their calls ) , but a representative of the agency " New Wave Pattaya " I was fascinated from the very first minute .

girl slowly introduced herself asked that interests me correctly and patiently answered all the questions . With her husband when we visited the office in Pattaya , then finally convinced that they are ready to trust these people. And no mistake !

now really looking forward to when construction will begin to come in for one more step closer to the dream !

Thanks !

Irina Morozova
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