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A high-rise or a low-rise building?

How to make a choice between a high-rise project and a medium-scale 8-storey residential compound? And how to discriminate it from a “resort”-type condominium which vast territory comprises several low-storey buildings? Let look into details!


Following the example of Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Bangkok, Pattaya is also growing tall. High-rises are immensely popular nowadays. The high prices on land are the main reason, and developers profit much more from the buildings that occupy smaller pieces of land, while comprising a large number of apartments.

Nevertheless, it is considered prestigious to live in a high-rise. Most of the projects are located at the seafront, meaning that the tenants will enjoy a private beach that can be accessed either through the secured condo area or by boat from the sea. The majority of high-rises offer astonishing city- and seaviews, but one always should investigate what are the future building plans in the nearest neighborhood. This question can be addressed to a real-estate agent who can consult a lawyer. To be sure that you are not paying extra for the seaview that will not even be there in the nearest future, do choose a residential compound right next to the seafront or a condo which the established and finalized infrastructure around.

Furthermore, high-rise tenants save money on electricity payments since the refreshing sea-breeze cools down the apartments. Real-state agents confirm that the majority of their clients that live in high-rises rarely use air-conditioning and are totally content with a regular blower.


The “resort”-type projects are very popular in Pattaya. The lion’s share of these buildings are erected in Jomtien district. As a rule, these residential clusters include 3-6 building units spread over a significant territory filled with entertainment facilities, namely multilevel pools with waterslides, caves and grottos, sand beaches, artificial volcanoes and ships. Developer’s imagination flies freely, so that you can choose anything to your liking.

There are, however, other details to be considered. For instance, the location. Do choose a condominium built in the vicinity of the sea, major transport junctions and city infrastructure. Otherwise you run a risk to be isolated from the outer world and will be bound to spend the whole time on the condo territory, making it quite unbearable very soon. It is also recommended to visit several showrooms in order to get an idea about the quality of furnishing and finishing. The distance inbetween the building units is another important point to consider. Make sure that the buildings do not stand too close to each other, otherwise you will be deprived of fresh air and sunlight but will get unnecessarily familiar with your neighbors’ everyday routine.


These condominiums are usually categorized as a “boutique”-type. They are beloved by those who cherish tranquil living without such noise and ado. These residential compounds as a rule include one or two 7- or 8-storey buildings at most. The condo territory is rarely larger than 1,600 sqm, but it suffices since the number of apartments does not exceed a hundred.

The developers of these projects point out that some tenants enjoy solitude in a small swimming pool much more than noisy fun in a huge pool with waterslides occupied by many people.

According to the statistics, businessmen prefer high-rises and the “boutique”-type projects, while families choose the “resort”-type projects more often. Get informed, ask questions, list pros and cons, listen to your realtor’s advice and make your choice! At the end it only depends on you how content are you going to be with your purchase.

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