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A house or a condominium?

A house or an apartment in a condo? This question sounds a lot like “to be or not to be” for those who are thinking about a real-estate purchase in Thailand. Well, the answer is in fact quite straightforward. In order to make a decision, you have to take into account the following considerations. 



  1. It is spacious enough to ensure family comfort. Children will be able to play in fresh air all day long under parental or nanny’s supervisor. You can enjoy the refreshing chill of the pool and keep its cleanness under your control. Moreover, you are unlimited in your right to keep home pets, so that if you going to spend winters in Thailand with your beloved cats or dogs, a house is the right choice to make.
  2. The kitchen area is usually much larger in houses than in apartments, meaning that it is much more convenient to store products and to organize parties with friends. Speaking of much, you can barbeque on the lawn next to the house any day all year long!
  3. Houses are usually built at a significant distance from each other and have soundproof walls, thus you won’t be waken up by a baby crying or our neighbors quarrelling upstairs!


  1. A house requires constant and thorough maintenance, and it is not advisable to leave it for long periods of time. If you are bound to leave you can transfer your responsibilities to the property management company that will take of the house cleaning, sanitization of the pool and the garden and insect extermination.
  2. A foreigner cannot buy a house in Thailand on his or her name. The Thai legislation puts it, a house with a piece of land can only be purchased by a Thai company. The latter can be easily founded with a help of a realtor or a lawyer.
  3. Many houses are built in the remote area without a direct access to the city infrastructure, so that you will have to use private transportation means.



  1. An apartment does not require such thoughtful maintenance as a house. Even if it is inhabited for a couple of weeks per year, it will not pose any problems when you come back in a year. If you like to keep it clean, make an arrangement with the property management company for a monthly cleaning service, which is very cheap.
  2. The site infrastructure caters to all your desires with laundry facilities, restaurants and small grocery shops. Hence you do not need to go to the city for everyday supplies.
  3. In accordance with the foreigner quote you can purchase an apartment on your name, which will be listed in the chanot (certificate of ownership).


  1. Itisillegaltokeeppetsinacondo. You may try to strike an arrangement with the property management company and get a temporary permission, but the agreement can be reconsidered at any time. It is more safe and comfortable to reside in a separate house if you have pets.
  2. A moderate-sized one- or two-bedroom apartment in a condominium costs as much as a large house with several bedrooms and bathrooms, including a piece of land. So if you like to live in style while saving money, a house is a good option for you!
  3. It is quite complicated to change an apartment’s layout on purchaser’s request. On the other hand, you can change the layout or the façade of your house at your whim. You are even allowed to demolish the older building and erect a modern art masterpiece following your own flight of imagination!

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