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Tai-Russia relations

Siam (as previously Thailand was called), always inspired other countries with its freshness and mystery. Then the rulers didn’t give a warm welcome to strangers. But some ships managed to passage into a bay of Gulf of Siam. One of them was ship called “Haidamak” fallen under the command of captain Petshurov. His notification of the visit to Bangkok was born a date in 1863. This date is considered to be the beginning of the friendship of two States.

Some years later the king Rama V ascended to the throne. He was known as very expansive monarch who wished to achieve cooperation with other States. At that time England and France have been dividing Indo-China and having an axe to grind with Thailand. That is why the monarch decided to earn support from his potential aggressor - imperial Russia.

In 1897 king made his first yachting cruise on "Maha Chakri" throughout Europe, visiting many countries, including Russia, where he received a warm welcome from Emperor Nicholas II. Later Nicholas II organized Russian representative office in Bangkok and he pledged to curb intentions of England and France. So partly due to the Russian Empire Thailand remained the only one independent country in Indochina.

Later Rama V sent his son Chakrapong to Saint-Petersburg to study in Page Corps. In process of time Chakrapong fell in love with Russian girl Ekaterina and got spliced in Constantinople in 1906.

By and by the anger of the parents quiets down and the girl became a princess called Na Pitsanulok.  Later their son was born. The king passed away in 1910. Then Chakrapong was appointed to Crown Prince, but his elder brother Vajiravudh inthroned and was crowned by the name of Rama VI. In the midst of imperial intrigues the relationships between Thailand and Russia were broken.

Afterwards Chakrapong had got a mistress and he parted from Ekaterina. However, neither the world wars nor economic crises could sunder the friendship of these two dissimilar at first view States.

Thai government recognized statehood of Russian Federation as sovereign State on the 28th of December in 1991. Since when a number of important agreements was signed remaining in force up to now. One of them is agreement of failure conditions from formal travel permits for ordinary passports that is very important for Russian tourists who discovery Thai resorts.

At present time Thailand works closely with such countries as China, Japan and the USA. Russia takes a firm line among the countries. The trade transactions between Thailand and Russia are on the rise every year and the present day Russia is the largest business partner of Thailand. Thus, the potential for development of cooperation between our countries is used not in full! There are many subjects to develop in such areas as energy, biotechnology, transport, agriculture.

Our countries agree with each other in many questions and pursue the same aims: modernization of the economy, output expansion, growth in exports and so on. Today Thailand actively attracts foreign investments into the sphere of alternative energy, biotechnology and engineering.

Thailand is a member nation of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and has a great partner in the name of Russia since 1996. All this time the cooperation is conducted in all directions, and there many positive results have been got: the legal base was formed, including a number of declarations, programs and agreements. Also the committees, financial Fund, working groups and other mechanisms for collaboration were set in motion. All of them are aimed to more efficient cooperation, development of trade relations and the strengthening of diplomatic relations between Russia and the member countries of ASEAN. The young people summit meetings regularly take place. All of this is intended to contribute to the economic development of Eastern Siberia and the entire Russian economy in General, developing various fields, beginning from manufacturing to tourism.

Also it should be mentioned that Russia cooperating with Thailand and ASEAN will be able to strengthen its position in the market of Southeast Asia that will increase the trade turnover with the countries of this region, and, respectively, will be able to strengthen the economic situation of Eastern Siberia, what ultimately will lead to growth of the Russian economy in General.

For a good reason the annual motor rally called Caravan Asia and hosted by the captain of industry and philanthropist Vikram Kromadit has been started in Russia in 2013. The seminars entitled "the Future of Russia in ASEAN through the eyes of the business community" took place and caused a great resonance in such cities as Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk and Novosibirsk.

Mr. Vikrom considers Siberia as North Asia (herewith rating Thailand as the South Asia) and he   sees the close cooperation between Thailand and this part of Russia in the future. It is understandable - on the one hand we have much in common, and on the other hand there is some things to surprise each other.

For example, there are natural resources in Russia such as gas, oil, minerals, wood of different breeds and of course the winter – all those things doesn’t take place in ASEAN countries.

But on the other hand in ASEAN countries there is a tropical climate and warm sea, and Russia doesn’t have all of these things.  Besides, the scheduled regular flights are there from all points of the Far East to Thailand - why shouldn’t we develop the relationships between the countries?

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