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Living in Pattaya

Is living in the resort city as enjoyable as a short-term holiday? Some consider Pattaya a dirty and uncomfortable city, while others fall in love with it and move in for good. Thai residents believe that expats, or farangs, who moved to Pattaya, must be reincarnated Thai.

Why do foreigners find Pattaya attractive? Let’s give the word to the best advocates – the new city residents themselves.

Paulina Lapulapu, Novosibirsk

To tell you the truth, when I have first arrived to Thailand as a tourist, I was shocked. I felt like I needed a chemical suit or at least rubber boots and a respirator. But along with that I fell under the country’s spell, and it made me to want to come back again. By now I have figured out what this powerful attractive force is about. It is boundless freedom! The Kingdom is literally breathing with freedom. People are free to think and act as they desire. To dress up as you wish, to eat anything and at any times. Since nobody is bound to comply with imposed restraints, people are actually happy to meet each other. Why have I chosen Pattaya? The big-city life tired me up. Here everything is within reach – it is very convenient. Entertainment options are numerous: one can lazily bake under the sun on the beach or attend crazy parties and dance all night long. If something is still missing, one can always travel to Bangkok on a short notice. One more invaluable asset is that for the same amount of money one can afford a higher life standard than in Russia. Not to forget the everlasting summer, sunlight, fruits and near-nude tanned Asians – one cannot help falling in love with Thailand!

Anna Uzhpelkiene, Vilnius, Lithuania

I really appreciate that one does not need warm clothes in Thailand. Although I sometimes do miss the morning chill and freshness when drinking a cup of coffee for breakfast in the Old City. I adore walks along the seafront. I rarely go swimming, but the nearby see fills my heart with excitement. The city possesses well-extended infrastructure, so you never have to worry what to do next. There are shops and restaurants for any taste and income. I was impressed by the high quality of Thai roads and highways. One can travel by car to the farthest countryside without any problems!

Stewart Sutton, England

Pattaya’s climate and mild weather are a huge plus. And the bay, of course. But what resonates with me the most is the lifestyle. Thai do not practice unnecessary hustle and bustle. I have been to many Asian countries, but none made me feel as comfortable as Thailand does. I am absolutely not homesick! I sometimes do miss out on discipline, cleanness and organized living that I had back in Canada, but I do appreciate the local chaos instead.

I have only visited a few countries in Europe, but I believe somehow that running your own business is much easier in Asia. Many people notice that living in Europe is extremely expensive. Here I can afford a private house with servants, private schooling for my daughter and golf as a hobby for my self, while in Canada these all would cost me a fortune. I doubt I could afford it otherwise!

CatherineIlyukhina, Khabarovsk

Over 8 years of my staying in Thailand I have witnessed a steady increase in real-estate prices. Back then one could buy a small studio apartment for 300,000 or 400,000 baht. Such prices are simply unthinkable nowadays! Still there is a tendency for a moderate growth in apartment prices, so that my property is now worth half a million more than few years ago.

I see more expats and tourists. When I had just started to work in tourist business, the low season was really low. Back then you could not gather enough tourists for a round-the-city excursion in Pattaya. And nowadays even in the low season there are tourist buses cursing the street and full hotels almost without any rooms left. In the olden days Pattaya was empty, so that one could cross a road without a necessity to mind the traffic. And now, look at all those traffic jams, especially on weekends and holidays when Thai from Bangkok are also visiting Pattaya. Nevertheless there is a flare of tranquility in this city. One barely focuses on everyday problems that seem to get solved by themselves. Thai have a saying «mai mee panha», which can be translated as «no worries!».

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