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Commercial property in Pattaya

Pattaya is growing and developing, thus attracting more and more people. The infrastructure is steadily developing along, attracting more and more investments.

Experienced investors are learnt not to keep all eggs in one basket, and therefore do not limit their options by residential properties only. They also actively invest into commercial real-estate.

Commercial property can pay off times better than residential one, given the optimal choice of an object. Let’s look at the most popular options.

 Ground floors in condominiums

Developers of new residential clusters often attribute these spaces to commercial facilities. Some even built medium-sized shopping malls. If the condominium of your liking does not comply with this tendency, you can purchase an apartment or a few on the ground floor and turn them afterwards into commercial spaces. As a rule, small restaurants, laundry rooms, grocery shops, massage parlors and beauty salons are the most profitable businesses in residential buildings. Moreover, they do not require large investments: a purchase will not exceed 3 million baht. Such a property is ideal for rent since new residential compounds are located in popular tourist areas. In addition, the tenants also require the listed services. Dependent on the square area, a commercial property can be rented starting from 30,000 baht.


The majority of the commercial property for sale or rent in Pattaya is constituted by low-storey shophouses. As a rule, the ground floor is dedicated to commerce, while the business owners live on the upper floors. Such a property close to the beaten tourist track costs about 10 million baht, whereas the rental price starts at 50,000 baht. Shophouses are not so popular among foreigner, since working and living in the same space is more in Thai tradition. Conclusively, a lot of commercial space of this type will be staying empty.

 Property plus business

Some properties combine commercial facilities and simultaneous conduct of business. But in 90% of cases this business requires the owner’s full attention for it to be profitable. As a result, this type of investment is suited for businessmen who want to pursue it or for those who can hire experienced managers.

A small hotel or a guesthouse, or a restaurant are the most popular examples.

But if you are not planning to work but would like to ensure stable income from your investments, we recommend to choose residential or commercial properties. The scheme is very direct in this case: to purchase, to rent and to receive profit.

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