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Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Preventive health care in Pattaya

This medical institution is the most technically advanced hospital in the East Thai Coast. The broad list of services and treatments provided by highly qualified specialists is at your disposal. The hospital is equipped with the most modern facilities and devices that are otherwise unavailable in the other medical centers. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya was founded in 1990 and back then had just 100 wards. Nowadays it ranks the first among all hospitals in the East Coast.

The 15-storey building with 400 wards offers a vast list of medical services, qualified diagnostics and treatment. The stuff of 94 doctors who specialize in various fields is always keen to improve your health and condition. One can be certain about the high precision of diagnostics that will be followed by efficient treatment.

Pattaya is constantly growing and has become the beloved destination for many European tourists. The numbers of tourists in Pattaya are increasing by years, not to say exploding.

According to the official data, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya accommodates about 100,000 foreign patients per year. All specialists speak English, moreover the special international department caters to the needs of the foreigners and provides translation services from 20 languages.

One can be sure that there will no be any language or other barrier between the patient and the doctor. The hospital personnel attends special classes in get acquainted with historical and linguistical peculiarities of several countries. As a result, Russians receive optimal service and care in the hospital.

Locals are also among patients of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya along with foreigners, since individual approach to every person is provided taken into account the international standards. The atmosphere in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is governed by friendliness and hospitality, and every patient, an adult and a child like, will be addressed in respectful and polite manner during consultations and treatments.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is well-received by the community as a result of continuous best efforts of the management, doctors and other personnel on all working levels

World First-ClassCare

Respectful hospitality, which has been nourished for centuries in the Thai tradition, is the main goal and the duty of the personnel. These traditions have earned appreciation and gratitude of various groups of patients.

Extraordinary Service

Patients of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya take advantage of the exclusive separate wards, of the polite attitude and individual approach by the personnel. The atmosphere reminds of a five-star hotel and will make you feel relaxed and confident.


- The award for the best management in the health-care sector endorsed in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

- The Award of the Prime Minister endorsed in 2003.


- Endorsed in 2004.

- ISO 9001: in 2000-2003.

Specialized medical centers in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Heart Center

The most advanced cardiology health center on the East Coast is located in the hospital. The team of experienced cardiologists, interventionists and cardiac surgeons employs complex equipment of the cardio-laboratory, cardiological intensive care and specially designed wards with constant patient’s condition control.

Rehabilitation Cardiological Center

Patients can get consultations about healthy dieting and special exercises. On request an individual program will be composed that is aimed by amelioration of risk factors, such as smoking and unhealthy eating pattern. Patients also have a possibility to meet and talk with the former patients who have already received the same treatment.

Radiological Center

This is one of the best technically equipped laboratories in the whole country. Here the most perspective and cutting-edge technologies are employed in order to perform optimal diagnostics and treatment in the shortest time period.

Neurological Center

In the center, qualified specialists run tests in order to recognize cerebropathy and mental retardation. The services like tomography and scanning can be provided 24/7. Patients with a cerebral crisis and paralyzed patients are also being diagnosed in the center.

Dermatology and Beauty Center

Nose plastic surgery, breast surgery, eye lift, liposuctioning, skin treatment and body-shape correction, anticellulite program and many more procedures are at your disposal in this progressive medical center. All operations are conducted in a modern well-equipped operation theatre.

Emergency Service

This department operates on the 24/7 basis, and its specialists are ready to help any minute. An emergency mobile ambulance is equipped with all necessary modern devices and can reach a patient in need wherever he or she is.


  • EndocrinologyCenter
  • InnerMedicineClinic
  • Weight-LossCenter
  • GastroenterologyCenter
  • OncologyCenter
  • NephrologyCenter
  • Surgery Clinic
  • Urology Clinic
  • Ophthalmology Clinic
  • HENT Clinic
  • Gynecology Clinic
  • Health-care Clinic
  • Pediatrics
  • Dental Clinic
  • RehabilitationCenter
  • Technical Advances
  • 64-Slice Scanner
  • Tomography (an ultra-modern 1,5 Ts scanner is used)
  • 3-D, 4-DUltrasound
  • Mammography
  • Radiology
  • DCI for gastroenterological and cardiovascular conditions
  • CardiacCatheterizationEquipment
  • PublishedandMicrofilmedDataStorage

A Russian-speaking member of stuff has been recently appointed to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital in order to facilitate the services for Russian patients.

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