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Childbirth in Pattaya

Numerous accounts of young mothers who gave birth in Pattaya can be found on the Internet. As A rule of thumb states that the majority of women who can afford good medical treatment choose Bangkok Pattaya Hospital for childbirth. At their disposal are excellent personnel, outstanding equipment, comfortable wards and, mostly important, specialists in normal vaginal delivery who are quite rare in Pattaya where Cesarean operations are very common.

Natural childbirth (2 nights in the hospital) costs about 49,900 baht, whereas the childbirth with the Cesarean section (3 nights in the hospital) amounts to 59,900 baht.

Any unexpected complication will be treated for extra payments, the sum of which will be announced to the patient in advance.

The pregnancy follow-up (gynecologist’s consultations, regular tests and ultrasound check-ups) will cost more or less the same amount of money. A pregnant woman has to pay monthly visits to a doctor in the first terms, and more often when the childbirth date is approaching. From 32nd till 37th week, one has to show up once per two weeks for a check-up, and starting from the 37th week – on the weekly basis.

One does not have to pass blood tests very often as it is done in Russia. In case of a normal pregnancy, you will have to pass blood tests 2 times at most. On the other hand, an urinary test will be run during every visit to the doctor. Examinations on the gynecological chair start from the 32nd week of pregnancy.

Delivery takes place in a separate ward. The newborn will be immediately put on your belly. After the umbilical cord is cut off, the baby will be taken away for an examination. Before you return back to your ward, a nurse will bring you the baby for the first breastfeeding. If there are no complication, you will be asked whether you want to sleep together with the baby the next week, but there is nothing wrong in refusing this offer. Professional nurses will take care of the newborn in the special facility, while you taking well-deserved rest. The sleepless nights are unavoidably awaiting you in the future! In the morning the baby will be brought in your ward again. The nurses will demonstrate how to use the breast-pump and breastfeed, and teach you the basics of childcare and child hygiene.

You will be transported back to the spacious ward, which looks just like a room in a Hilton Hotel, on a wheelbarrow. If you feel dizzy or need assistance with the baby, just press a red button to call a nurse.

You likely would not need lots of stuff from home since both you and the baby will receive necessary clothing, hygienic and toilet accessories, packages of diapers and feeding glasses. You are provided with three meals per day: you can choose one between two dishes every time.

Upon discharge from the facility, your baby will be dressed in appropriate clothing and wrapped into a blue or pink (dependent on the gender) blankie with the hospital emblem. Moreover you will get a comfortable bad with infant milk, feeding bottles, a CD with Thai lullaby songs, bright developing pictures and much more!

Documents for infants

The newborn brings in new fuss and bother. So do not forget to issue necessary documents, namely the birth certificate, the certificate of nationality/citizenship and the travel passport.

The first official paper that you offspring will receive is a discharge statement from the hospital subscribed by the obstetrician-gynaecologist who helped to deliver the baby. The statement confirms that you actually gave birth to this certain baby on the given date. Usually you can summon this document in a month after the childbirth.

To attain this statement one has to present the workpermit(s) of the parent(s) or the translation of the parents´ travel passports in Thai. This is to ensure that Thai civil servants have an idea how to write your surnames in Thai.

One of the parents should submit this document together with his or her passport to Pattaya City Hall which is located in the northern part of the city. Then the birth certificate in Thai will be issued. For an extra payment of 20 baht, an elegant protective cover can be obtained.

If one of the parents is a Thai citizen, then the baby´s birth certificate will by default state that the newborn is Thai as well. If both parents are foreigners, the birth certificate will confirm that the baby is NOT a Thai citizen.

In the former case, you have to further translate the certificate into English and certify it in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (123 Chaengwattana Rd., Laksi, Bangkok). It is more convenient if you order the delivery of the certified translation by the express-post. The package will arrive in just 2 or 3 days. The price of the translation job is 200-300 baht per document, while the certification costs 200 baht per page. The postal service will add up 120 baht.

After receiving the certified translation, go back to Bangkok, this time to the Russian Embassy (78 Sap Rd., Surawong, Bangrak), and present the following documents:

1. the Thai birth certificate (the original plus the certified copy translated into English);

2. the travel passport(s) of the parent(s);

3. the national passport(s) of the parent(s) or its copies;

It is recommended to simultaneously submit documents for the child travel passport. You can fill in the electronic form on the website of the Embassy, and submit it together with two photos of your offspring and yourself (3.5 by 4.5 cm in size). That´s it! In a week you will receive the travel passport, the original of the Russian translation of the Thai birth certificate certified in the Embassy and the statement confirming that your infant is a Russian citizen by the birth right.

Registration of the citizenship costs 55$, and of the travel passport valid for 5 years - 10$.

We advise you not to try to round it up in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the Russian Embassy in Bangkok in one day. Better plan several trips to Bangkok. One can ensue the submission of documents with excursions or shopping, thus turning the trip into an enjoyable endeavor!

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