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Healthcare in Pattaya

Life expectancy is famously high in Thailand and its residents rarely give up to diseases. For that they can thank to the unique climate, clean environment, high-quality foods and absence of everyday stress. Nevertheless medical care is kept on the highest level in the country, and various massage and spa centers at your disposal. Thailand offers latest innovations in modern medicine as well as traditional Thai medicine crafts. It is time to finally brush up your health while living in Pattaya. It is especially profitable since the costs are reasonably lower than in Russia.

    Thai massage

Most often tourists get acquainted with the regular type of this procedure, e.g. traditional Thai massage, which is mainly directed at muscle relaxation and exercise. So be aware and ready that during a full-program session you won’t be able to relax and dose off. Instead your bones will be squeaking and you will be cringing from pain, but the result is worth the effort! Thai massage therapists say themselves that “what is painful now will be enjoyable afterwards”!

Royal Thai massage is performed by two therapists simultaneously: they synchronize their movements and efforts. This type of “a quatre mains”-massage is not offered everywhere; so it is totally worthy to visit a specialized large spa-centre and not to try to safe money and order two therapists at once for 400 baht instead of 200.

Another feature is a Thai massage done by blind people. It is believed that they are more susceptible to the body and its conditions. There are several facilities in Pattaya where this type of massage is on the list. This service is worth trying!


Many parlors offers intriguing relaxing treatments with heated semi-precious stones, which encompass three body-care procedures: massage of the lower epidermis layers, muscle relaxation upon warming up, opening, simulation and balancing of the seven main chakras.

Another famous technique is the massage with bags filled with medicinal herbal infusions and oils. This procedure will help you to switch off from all stress, and herbal aromas will take you to the seventh sky.

    Ethnomedicine, folk medicine, traditional medicine

If you are open to experiments, you can find many herbal capsules, infusion and extracts, medicine based on snake venom and honeycraft products. All of them help to defeat various ailments and improve the overall body condition. Traditional medicine products are particularly good as preventive measures and for immune system reinforcement. Nobody can give the decisive answer to the question whether the result is based on self-suggestion or on magical recipes of Buddhist monks. In any case, before purchasing any “potions” or going to massage therapists, please consult your home doctor.


If you are seriously concerned about your health, we recommend to approach private clinics or hospitals.

Nowadays Thailand holds leading positions amongst the countries that are destinations for medical tourism.

It is easily justified since Thai medical facilities in general and Pattaya ones in particular are famous for highest quality of service and infrastructure as well as low prices in comparison with Russia and especially Europe. Foreigners constitute about 30-50% patients of private clinics since healthcare in Thailand is significantly cheaper than in their home countries.

Most complex disorders and conditions can be successfully treated in Thailand. So called check-ups, or complete body diagnostics, also have gained popularity among foreigners. In a course of such study you will get recommendations for overall health improvements just in few hours. Large medical facilities sometimes have special offers – two check-ups for a price of one, so that a couple can attend together. Preventive measures are the best cure, as doctors put it. So do not put off your health check – health is your most valuable possession!

    BangkokPattaya Hospital

The largest medical facility in Pattaya and belongs to the series of 18 hospitals owned by the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services company and Bangkok Hospital Group. This is the main diagnostic and treatment centre on the East Thailand Coast, so all specialists from a dentist to a neurosurgeon can be found in here. The hospital is also famous for its plastic surgery department. This medical centre offers everything a patient need: best equipment coupled with the cutting-edge technologies, highly-qualified personnel, outstanding service, Russian-speaking translators.

    PattayaMemorial Hospital

This centre is the second best after Bangkok Pattaya Hospital and looks a bit smaller and simpler in comparison. It is located in the city centre on the Second Road, almost right across the Central Festival shopping centre. One can find Russian-speaking personnel in here as well as all necessary specialists. Pattaya Memorial Hospital possesses less established infrastructure in comparison with Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, so that complex cases are being treated  in the latter.

Many insurance companies have contracts with Memorial Hospital, and if you have a medical insurance you are likely to arrive in this facility.


This comfortable facility in the city centre offers the entire spectrum of services and procedures. Emergency room, intensive treatment, obstetrics, X-ray facilities, laboratory tests, dental care, two fully-equipped operating rooms, and a specialized cosmetology and dermatology clinic are at your disposal over here.

    SamitivejSriracha Hospital

Samitivej is a network of clinics in Thailand. The hospital that is the closest to Pattaya is located in the city of Sriracha in the Chonburi province. The facility is built on the Jermompol Road 130 km away from Bangkok, and it takes about 30 minutes to arrive there from Pattaya. Apart from standard service, the clinic offers a children hospital, dentology and a wellness-centre.

The Samitivej medical network is equipped in accordance with modern standards established for European and US medical facilities.

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