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At least, you have found the apartment of your dreams and have worked through all pros and cons. There is so far one essential question left: what is your child going to do when you move to Pattaya for good or even for a few months? You can always hire a good nurse for a baby of 1-1,5 years old, assuming that afterwards he or she goes to child daycare! The choice of such facilities in Pattaya is really abundant. There is also no need to apply in advance and file in a heap of documents, in opposite to Russia.

One can choose between international, Thai- and Russian-speaking institutions. The monthly payment ranges between 6,000 and 15,000 baht. In the following selected kindergartens that are popular among Russians are presented.


This kindergarten is located in Eastern Pattaya, in the vicinity of the Fruit Garden. It takes about 30 minutes to arrive there from Jomtien or Pratumnak, and freshness and tranquil flare, which the garden has to offer, are totally worth the trip. Moreover, one can use the transfer service. This facility can accommodate 30-40 children and was at first devised as a Russian-speaking institution. Nevertheless it has evolved as an international one and now there are Thai and Europeans in the infant classes.

The daycare facility offers a special room for cartoon watching. Each run lasts not longer than 20 minutes. Infants get their meals five times per day in the canteen with colourful furniture. There are two bedroom spaces with slide beds and two playrooms. The guarded territory of the kindergarten included a playpit with white sand, a children playground with soft coverage, a swimming pool in the backyard and a trampoline next to it.

Children can admit the facility on various schemes. The full-day option covers the timespan from 8.30 am till 5.30 pm, but there are also half-day options and a week-long admission including sleepovers. Sunday is a day-off.


This facility is located on the 5th Soi in Pratumnak and is considered to be an educational centre rather than a nursery. The infant school is suited for children between 1.5 and 2.5 years old and is conducted by professional day-care assistants. In another group for children between 4 and 6 years old your offspring will learn to read and talk, master the basics of math, music, ethics, English language and other subjects.

Kids between 7 and 10 years old will be busy as well. The «Shkolnik» («Schoolchild» in Russian) studio offers Russian classes and classes in rhetoric, psychology, literature and music in the afternoon. Teenagers of 10-16 years can attend the «Russian language arts» studio.

This institution also offers PT classes, piano and applied-art lessons, amongst many others. Furthermore, parents can leave the kids in «ABVGDejka» for short terms in case they want to go shopping or visit an excursion.

 «Jomtien Chayapruek Nursery»

This facility is an international kindergarten, also known as «Ekole», and is located on Chaiyapruk 2 in Jomtien. The institution is colloquially called «French» because the management is French and several tutors speak French as well. The kindergarten owns its popularity among Russian and other foreigners thanks to its small groups, professional staff and fortunate location away from the busy roads and noisy streets. Please notice that there are Russian-speaking teachers as well, so there is no danger of misunderstanding. Infants learn three languages, e. g. English, French and Thai, and constantly partake in creative, developing and educational lessons with lots of playing involved.

 «Semicvetik» («Septicoloured Flower»)

This nursery is located on Soi Norway in Tappraya, and, apart from professional tutors, offers daylong services of a logopaedist, a psychologist and nurses.

The facility site comprises a big swimming pool, where swimming lessons take place. In addition, kids attend lessons in speech, memory and logical thinking development. They also master reading and writing basics, learn how to count, pursue art and practical activities, have music, dance and PT classes, partake in theatrical performances.

The working hours are from 9 am till 6 pm. The transfer service is provided, so your offspring will be summoned and brought back right in time!

Please notice that only children older than 2-2,5 years are allowed to attend. There is also an option of a free trial day: you can leave a child for a half-day in the nursery to see whether he or she likes it or not.


This kindergarten is located in Sukhumvit, in the vicinity of Soi Wat Boon and represents a pre-school facility, e.g. kids enter at the age of 1 or 2 and graduates from the elementary school. Thus the institution includes a nursery for 1-2 year olds, an infant group (2-3 years old), a junior class (3-4 years old), an intermediate class (4-5 years old), a senior group (5-6 years old) and elementary schooling (6-12 years old).

The facility is well-established and properly secured. The management aims at nurturing the self-discipline skills in children, teaches them to believe in themselves and to discover and unravel the inner potential. The well-balanced educational programm in «Phoenix» includes Thai, English and Chinese language learning. The members of staff are specializing in the field of education and have vast experience in early childhood education and upbringing. In addition, children can attend ballet and tae kwon do classes, learn English, Chinese and Thai.

The only remaining question is likely whether your offspring will be nourished and cherished? Indeed! He or she will be spoon-fed, taken care of and brought in bed in time. Assistants change diapers and cleanse with a friendly smile on the face. They look after children, extinguish conflicts and keep discipline with well-measured strictness but without shouting or corporal punishment. You will be certainly informed if your child has discipline issues. At first, it will be suggested that you have a talk with your kid at home, and if the problem is not solved afterwards the child will be prohibited to admit the kindergarten until the solution is found.

One can familiarize himself with the kindergartens at any time by making a preliminary appointment via a phone call. You are free to choose the most comfortable and nourishing environment for your child in Thailand!

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