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Schools in Thailand

After you have considered to purchase a real-estate property in Pattaya and decided to leave for Thailand permanently or just temporarily for cold months, you are inevitably faced with a question: what about the child? What is she or he going to do in Thailand? Which school to choose?

You do not need to lose your sleep over this issue. Pattaya and Bangkok offer both Russian-speaking and international schools, which graduation certificates are accepted in colleges and universities all over the world.

«Znanie» («Knowledge»)

This international education center is located on Pratumnak Hill. The instruction is conducted in Russian, and the education programs fully comply with the requirements of the Russian Ministry of Education. The school bus carries students to and from the center. As a rule, each stream comprises up to 8 children, so that individual attention to the needs of each student is provided. After the classes, children can benefit from various extracurricular activities. In addition, the center offers pre-primary education facility for preschoolers. Russian-speaking educational institutions are a real salvation for those Russian families that spend from 3 to 6 autumn or/and winter months in Thailand. Your child can join classes in any of the two Russian-speaking schools and continue following the homeland education program. Before the departure back home, your child will receive a respective certificate. Hence such schooling is a good alternative to temporary homeschooling.

Russian Embassy school in Bangkok

Embassy of Russian in the capital of Thailand hosts a school, which represent an especially convenient option for those children whose parents live and work in Bangkok. But even if the latter is not the case, children from other cities can enroll into the school via distance-learning education program. The embassy school provides classes up to the 9th grades, whereas the 10th and 11th grades are available from the embassy school in Laos. The latter institution also performs Unified State Examinations (EGE in Russian spelling). Worth noting is that, on accounts of many schoolchildren and their parents, in the Land of Smiles graduates are less terrified with the forthcoming exam as it often happens in Russia. The Unified State Examination in Thailand is comparable with a regular test and exhibits high passing rates.

Regent’s School

Regent’s is an international British school with instruction in English. The school was founded in 1995. What is the reason why this institution is included in the list of schools of interest for our compatriots? Apparently, seniors in Regent’s School have classes in Russian language and literature, so your children would not forget the mother tongue. The school´s administration is planning to expand the education program in Russian in the nearest future, namely to add Russian-language classes to the primary-school curriculum.

The high-school program lays stress on literature studies. The seniors get acquainted with the world´s literature classics at home and afterwards read critique and review in the class, analyze and discuss the texts all together. Literature and Russian-language classes learn children how to express themselves correctly in speaking and writing. It is of great importance that a child not only reads and understands a literary work, but also masters an art of competent and well-reasoned debate. Students are given tasks to write compositions, to compose oral presentations and talks. A debate about a literary writing, which involves all children and encourages them to exchange opinions about the text, is a popular format of classwork. At the end of such discussion, the students are being ask to write an essay about its conclusions. Children naturally enjoy to partake in this polemic, they do not feel intimidated or scared. This fact emphasizes their longing towards the mother language and feelings of nostalgia which they experience.

The complex of Regent’s School included a student dormitory for 150 people, a football ground, a gym with a volleyball ground, a tennis-court, a dancing workshop, a theatre studio for 455 seats, and a 25 m-long swimming pool. Moreover, the site is embraced with palms, landscaping and is basing in fresh air. Our compatriots, whose children go to Regent’s School, point out that the atmosphere in this institution is drastically different from what they got used to in Russian schools. The communication between children themselves, between students and teachers as well as teachers and parents is much more friendly. One more definite asset of Regent’s School is its international characters that entails a prefect command of English language that your children will attain. As a result, they will be able to choose any country of their liking to live in in the future. The school makes special emphasis on developing social and creative skills, whereas our homeland institutions tend to omit or underrate these qualities. The Regent’s School graduates acquire more practical skills than theoretical knowledge about various sides of life. They also develop more prominent leader qualities since they constantly have to give talks and appear on stage. The amount of homework in Regent’s School is considerably lower than in Russia, moreover, most tasks require high creativity and usage of modern technologies. The school has its own internal social network called «Moodle», so that students can communicate, post their homework results and discuss them.

The performance in Regent’s School is not being assessed with «twos» and «fives». Unlike conventional marks in Russian schools, the academic progress in a British school is evaluated by a system of levels. At the end of a semester parents receive a report with notes in it ranging from «excellent» and «good» to «satisfying» or «requires improvement». There are also levels spanning from 1 to 7, so called British National Сurriculum levels that comply with the requirements of the British education program. The 1st level is endorsed to the most talented and gifted children. Apart from the level assignment, the teacher also provides a detailed commentary on each child, e.g. accounts on the child´s social adaptiveness, appearance and behavior, individual traits. Notably, teachers urge parents do not compare student performances in everyday communication since it may result in the decreased motivation for studies.

On completion of studies, graduates are awarded with the IB diploma, an international Certificate of Secondary General Education that is recognized around the world.

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