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Apartment purchase in a newbuild

Many purchasers consider apartments in a new housing project that is on the earliest stage of its existence an attractive opportunity. What are the reasons? Let’s have a closer look.

Fixed price

Purchasers on the earliest project stages benefit from attractively low prices that remain uncharged throughout the construction phase. You can come by the developer’s office time after time, ask for a new price-list and enjoy the price comparison. It should be emphasized that the final prices by the completion of the building will be about 30% higher than the initial apartment cost.

Moreover, first buyers often benefit from additional reductions, bonuses and gifts, such as household appliances, furniture packages and sometimes even cars.

Vast choice

When a new project is announced, the earlybird buyers have the most large selection of apartments. One can choose desired area, view, etc., including sometimes the design and color scheme of the finishing.


Some people complain that although 3D images look attractive, one has not yet seen the real deal. Instead of an apartment you are paying for a pig in a bag! Well, notlikethat. Most projects are accompanied by showrooms that re-create the future apartment, fully-furnished and fully-finished. The views out of the windows are reconstructed on video and can be evaluated from the special high platforms that the developers erect on the construction site.

Advantageous installment plan

On the early project stages, a non-interest payment plan is usually offered. The major payment part, e.g. 40-60%, is done after the construction completion. The first down-payment usually equals to 20% of the apartment cost and has to be transferred in one or two months. The main payments start after the beginning of the construction; hence you are fail-saved from the situation when money is paid and the apartment is not finished. In order to minimize risks, choose the reliable developers who have several completed projects in their portfolio.

Future neighbors

A subtle aspect to be taken into account is what is going to be built around your newbuild. Inquire the realtor whether there are any further projects to be built in the vicinity of the condo. You may loose your seaview or even your sleep if a new high-rise or a karaoke-bar are planned in the nearest future. The real-estate agency should provide you with a detailed account on these matters. Haveasuccessfulpurchase!

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