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Amazon Residence


Amazon Residenceputs a new spin into condo design concepts represented on the Pattaya real-estate market.

At the design stage of Amazon Residence we strived to meet two decisive requirements: to create an affordable product and to revive in detail the vibe of the Amazon jungle. The site area of 13,500 sqm hosts 4 residential units surrounded by a 2,000 sqm swimming pool area. The latter incorporates three cascades and whirlpool basins, an artificial beach and caves, a waterslide and fountains. Moreover, one finds 5 massage waterfalls harmonically augmenting the original landscaping. The roof of the building hosts a chill-out terrace with walkways and patches of green.

  • two access ramps from the Watboon Street side (behind Paradise Park) and Soi 5 (behind Majestic Condo)
  • Main lobby
  • Guest parking lot
  • Green parking lot for tenants
  • Waterfall
  • Footbridge
  • Underwater benches throughout the pool area
  • Main in-ground pool with whirlpool basins
  • SandBeach Island
  • ParrotIsland
  • Swallow-water basin
  • Entrance to the pool and shower-rooms through ‘Jungle’
  • Entrance to the pool and shower-rooms through ‘Cave’
  • Terrace next to the cascade pool
  • Bridges joining the buildings and the islands
  • Ornamental tiles on the bottom of the pool
  • Sculpture artwork and ‘Fish’ fountains
  • Private pool
  • Artificial volcano and waterfalls on the parking lot

Please take a note on the green residential quarter concept

The Park Lane project was successfully put into commission in 2010.

Currently the Paradise Park project is being actively executed, and the completion of the first building unit is planned in the first quarter of 2012.

And, finally, the Amazon Residence residential compound is our contribution to the dynamically developing real-estate market in Thailand.

Amazon Residenceoffers a unique opportunity to acquire an apartment at a reasonable price.

Amazon Residenceis located:

  •  only 900 m away from the Jomtien Beach,
  •  200 maway from the local market selling fresh fruit and seafood,
  •  90 maway from a 24-h minimarket ‘7-11’,
  •  1200 maway from the Sukhumvit Roadwhere numerous supermarkets and department stores are found.

The tenants can make use of the free ‘green’ public transportation that runs every 30 minutes.

We propose three apartment types: with 35 sqm, 40 sqm and 41 sqm area.

One can also combine two units into a 3-bedroom apartment of 70 sqm.

Installment payment plan for a purchase of an apartment in Amazon Residence:

  • 25%  after the conclusion of the contract;
  • 50% in equal quarterly or semiannual payments during the construction stage;
  • 25% uponoccupationinDecember 2014.

Maintenance fee: 39 baht per sqm per month.

Sinking fund: 600 baht per sqm, one-time payment upon occupation.


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