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Venetian Signature Condo Resort Pattaya


A Little Venice is growing in Pattaya – a new real-estate Venetian Signature Condo Resort Pattaya project that promises high investment returns. Inspired by Italian architecture, this condominium is being erected in Jomtien district by the developer of another successful project, Seven Seas Condo Resort Jomtien. The current housing property is already enjoying steady buyer boost. The new condominium in Venetian style is expected to dominate the entire quarter near the Jomtien Beach. The building site of 16,000 sqm will comprise four 8-storey units with 990 beautifully finished apartments that comply with the highest ecological standards. An splendid swimming pool is intended to become the hallmark of the project.

All apartments in the Venetian Signature Condo Resort Pattaya project will be put into commission fully-finished and fully-furnished, thus there are ready for instant occupation. The apartment sizes vary in the range of 18 to 64 sqm and fall into 3 categories:

  • single-room;
  • two-room;
  • three-room.

On the complex site a vast marvelous swimming area with a pool and, tropical garden decorated in Venetian style will be built. All tenants and guests can enjoy the freshness of the pool, whereas some apartments on the ground floor will get a direct entrance to it.

  • Only high-grade certified constructional materials are used for the project.
  • All apartments are put into commission fully finished, furnished and equipped, among the other one can mention curtains, a refrigerator, a microwave as well as a TV-set in every room.
  • The ceiling height is 3 m, and the clear height is 2.8 m.
  • The floor in living space is laminated, while bathrooms have floor tiles with 60 by 60 cm dimensions (almost in all projects, including luxury ones).
  • Suspended ceiling, direct and lateral illumination.
  • The kitchen is equipped with a electric ceramic cooker with two burners, a cooking hood and a sink. Acountertopismadeofengineeredstone.  Kitchen furniture and fixtures are made of valuable modern materials, e.g. pressed or veneer wood, following the German technology. A dinner table and 2 chairs.
  • A media stand.
  • Sliding balcony door.
  • 1.8 mwide bed with a mattress, 2 nightstands
  • A built-in wardrobe with shelves.
  • A sofa and a coffee table.
  • High-quality bathroom fixtures, a shower cabin.
  • Air-conditioners.
  • A high-quality frosted-glass bathroom door
  • Further details of the interior design can be seen in the true-to-life photos.

Already now the sophisticated infrastructure is being developed around the building. Shops, parlors, banks are opening, the transport connections are being set up. The nearby transport junction and proximity to the beach (700 m away) are very beneficial for the further development.

To summarize, The Venetian Signature Condo Resort Pattaya is a foundation for tomorrow being laid today. Itisabrilliantopportunityforlong-termresidenceorinvestment.

The construction is planned to start in the end of 2013, the construction completion is expected in August 2015.


  • 20,000 THBforapartmentreservation;
  • 25% of the apartment’s cost over 30-45 days;
  • 30% of the apartment’s cost via 10% semiannual payments over 1.5 years;
  • 5% of the apartment’s cost upon occupation in December 2015.


  • Sinking fund (one-time payment): 500 baht;
  • Installment of water and electricity meters (one-time payment): up to 10,000 baht for both;
  • Governmental taxes on registration of property rights are paid in half by a purchaser and the developer (on receiving a residential property ownership certificate) – up to 6,3% of the apartment’s cost.


  • Maintenance fee: 35 baht per sqm monthly.
  • Utility payments for water and electricity according to meter’s readouts: water – up to 25 baht per 1 cubic meter, electricity – 4.5 baht per kWh.
  • NO annual real property tax.


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