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Dusit Grand Condo View


Dusit Grand Condo View (Paradise view) represents a new high-rise next to Jomtien Beach, one of most popular destinations in Pattaya and the whole of Thailand. The residential condo will tower over Second Road that connect the central city part with southern districts.

In contrast with ultramodern trendy projects that aim at wealthy buyers, this real-estate property targets middle-income clients, in particular families.

Hence the offers are starting from 1.9 million baht for a 34.8 sqm one-bedroom apartment, and the practical layout ensures plenty of space, functionality and flexibility towards re-design upon request. The units can be merged into a larger apartment, although if you would like to purchase a big 2-storey penthouse, the respective units are already available on the 35th and 36th floors.

The new Dusit Grand condo provide comfort and coziness to large families as well as to young people who want to conduct an independent household not far from their parents.

In one word, everyone will find here an option that befits their requirements and financial capabilities. The distinguished interior, infrastructure and service in the condo will certainly form a special community of accomplished tenants who cherish family values and quietude and would like to purchase an affordable apartment on the elysian Thailand shore. The tranquil and picturesque condo area stand in apparent contrast to busy and noisy urban areas.

The condo construction plan also addresses the surrounding infrastructure, and plentitude of services for family residents as well as elderly tenants will be provided. The living standards in Dusit Grand Condo will be highlighted by enhanced reliability and stability. Moreover, this residential complex is meant for self-confident and proactive people who understand their goals and make sure to achieve them.

If you put the highest priority to comfort, high-quality and safety of living, Dusit Grand Condo is a natural choice for you and your relatives.

The building will be erected following the ‘closed-courtyard’ concept: it will form a closed square with an atrium in the middle and an inner lush tropical garden. The territory will be enclosed and secured with a fence, guards and video surveillance.

Amongst main features of the new Dusit Grand Condo complex the most noteworthy are apartments with panoramic views, the developed area with parking spaces and children playgrounds, modern architecture and constructional materials, well-established infrastructure and an unrivalled landscape.

The condominium benefits enormously from its excellent location, since panoramic views on the Gulf of Thailand are greeting all tenants, including the ground floor!

The new building is located only a few minutes’ drive away from supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and Pattaya’s most famous attractions. The condominium will offer an extended infrastructure: a shop, a spa and massage parlors, a business centre, a café and a restaurant, a fitness studio and a sauna with a sweat room, a set of swimming pools, etc. Moreover, numerous communal facilities will be provided, including concierge service, cleaning services, laundry facilities, housemaid, nurse and babysitter services, leasing service, WI-FI Internet and 24-h taxi service. Special attention is paid to the needs of little tenants: kids will enjoy a swimming pool, a library and a child centre with nursing stuff as well as a small park and outdoor playgrounds and sports grounds suited for all ages.

A spacious parking space for 135 cars will stretch along the perimeter, whereas guests’ cars could park near the security office, relatively remote from the children playground and the living quarters.

One can coin the new residential cluster “the city-in-city” since it will offer everything and beyond just like a real metropolis. For this sake Dusit Grand Condo will occupy the vast territory of 7,000 sqm.

The modern apartment finishing and capital factory furniture deserve the highest praise. The resultant cozy atmosphere will not be spoiled by a single false note. The interior design shall not be corrupted by anything superfluous, it will be dominated by harmonious smooth lines, clear natural front colors, and strictly tailored design decisions.

Yeah, and Russian satellite TV will be installed throughout the entire building! To summarize, everything is provided to make you feel on home ground.

This brick-built concrete construction is being erected with modern technologies applied. The apartments are equipped with special controllers so that the tenants can regulate temperature on demand and monitor water and electricity consumption. All windows are fitted with energy-saving glass.

Ecological aspect has also been taken into account. In general, good ecological situation and city life are antagonistic. Nevertheless the Jomtien district, where Dusit Grand Condo, is reputably very clean: this unique place has no industrial facilities. In addition, the condo is screened from Sukhumvit Road by a green belt. Fresh air, proximity to the sea, birdsong and palpitation of the palm leaves are available on the spot – you do not have to travel for that, you just can step out of the apartment on the balcony or take a walk along the condo area.

Owing to the beautiful environment, the project will become a real oasis within the city boundaries. This residence is a manifestation of your life-long dream of a Western lifestyle that, by a twist of fate, came true in the East.

Installment payment plan:

  • 20,000 THB as a deposit
  • 20% of the apartment’s cost after signing the purchase agreement
  • 30% of the apartment’s cost in parts during the construction phase
  • 50% of the apartment’s cost upon completion (December 2015)


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