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Orion is one of the most prominent and recognizable constellations in the sky. Ancient Egyptians considered it “the king of stars” and associated many myths and stories with it. Nowadays there is yet another Orion, the namesake real-estate project that is already emerging as a legendary bright star on the Pattaya’s real estate horizon.


The concept behind the new Orion real-estate project is called “urban retreat”. The developers emphasize that they rather mean the escape from the industrial lifestyle than from the civilization.

The developer’s representative, Yury Ryabov, points out that the project’s location and layout are carefully thought up, so that the tenants would re-unite with Nature. Yury continues: “On the one hand, Pattaya is a boosting city with huge shopping malls and skyscrapers, therefore our condo is also designed as a high-rise. The building will have 21 storeys.” Along with that Yury puts emphasis on the peculiar style of the project. The building and its interior design, finishing and fitting will be ultimate organic and harmonious with the environment. The representative adds: “We are not going to use conventional concrete, iron and glass materials. Instead natural constituents and colors will be employed in order to create balanced consort between the inhabitants and Nature”.

The project was inspired by mountain and flatland sceneries, by sea and night-city views. The building mimics a tree with a green crown, thus remaining gracious, airy and spacious. Surrounded by actual real trees, it looks absolutely genuine and natural, and reinforces a wonderful holiday spirit. Modernist style gracefully blends with environmental motifs – strictly vertical and horizontal lines define the inner space, but let the air fill it. Colors and textures appear so natural that the boundary between the building and the environment disappears, thus enhancing the harmony of living and highlighting the “green eco-house” concept.


No sense in denying extreme competitive activity on the Pattaya real-estate market. But the Orion project does have some aces in the hole that provide strong competitive positions and win strategies. Yury Ryabov states that this business rivalry is beneficial for the company as it promotes its steady progress.

So what exactly allows the company to hover above the market playing field? The developers reveal that enormous efforts, working hours, human and physical resources have been contributed to the project elaboration. The result appears to be unique. Not only the building façade and concept are unprecedented, but also the interior design and communal services down to every detail.

Yury Ryabov explains: «Our distinctive asset is the pricing policy. We provide better quality for lower prices as compared to our competitors. The current project gives a chance to purchase a deluxe-category apartment for the value of a budget one. Moreover, the apartment quality will likely be superior to those in the premium market segment. At the same time we are not chasing bumper profit, therefore we offer sensible prices starting at 1.5 million baht. This is a considerably low price for such residential option.”

The project’s location is also truly extraordinary. Orion is located on a green hill with a scenic lookout. One can enjoy the unhindered panorama of the sea from this picturesque place. The project concept combines modern style and natural motifs that nourish the fell of ultimate comfort and tranquility. Pure natural colors dominate the interior design and revive a rustic lifestyle in Nature’s lap, yet preserving all amenities of urban way of life and functionality of modern housing.


The Orion developers do their best to keep up with modern technologies and apply high-end environmentally-safe and energy-saving constructional materials that comply with the thermal-, water- and sound-proof standards. Along with that a great deal of attention is paid to the extension of infrastructure. The representative of the Pattaya office unveils: “We will provide a seawater pool, smart lightning, electronic access cards and many more novelties that we are not yet eager to announce. There are going to be nice surprises”.

The Orion project also stands out with respect to its layout. The developers performed an investigation that demonstrated the declined demand for studios on the market. In the earlier days when European bachelors and solo travelers flooded Pattaya, a studio was just enough to accommodate their stuff and provide an overnight stop. Nowadays Pattaya is turning into a family resort, so that people are in need of a real comfortable home.

Yury elaborates further: “We will offer apartments starting with a 33 sqm 1-bedroom unit. Then there will be corner apartments as well. Moreover, we are likely the first ones to bring real penthouses on the market. Here one is accustomed to call any large apartment a penthouse, like 200 or 300 sqm in size, but it is not a correct definition. The penthouse is an apartment with a balcony or a terrace equal or larger in size than the living space. This is exactly what we are going to table plus an astonishing view.”

The “stuffing” is also honed for hedonists who enjoy life to the fullest. The project includes two infinity-edge pools on the 3rd and 22nd floors, saunas, two fitness studios with a panoramic city view, a seawater pool, a waterfront bar with snakes and beverages, a large parking area, a 24-h security and video surveillance services, and many more. The penthouse features a large balcony with a whirlpool where you can relax with a coffee cup at dawn or throw a party with friends at dusk.

“The site is surrounded by a vast landscaped area in addition to the green scenery of Pratumnak Hill. As a result, this is probably the most green spot in the entire city, and we have tried to highlight this in the project. Orion will be a quiet green oasis embraced by hills and the sea, right in the heart of the sleepless city. Here one finds a secluded getaway from the shiny and loud Pattaya, which is as busy as Miami or Rio”, - concludes Yury.

He assured us that very soon everyone will be able to face the magnificence of the project in its showroom. “It is almost there, we are installing furniture. The window glasses and finishing are ready. We will present three apartment types with 33, 42 and 68 sqm sizes”, - explains Yury. He also adds that the company will present the furniture as a gift to first buyers: “The stuff you see in the showroom you will get for free. The rest will have to pay for this service.”


By now the developing company has most likely persuaded you in its aspiration to provide the clients with the best service and lifestyle. Nevertheless the company went beyond and took into account not only the construction phase, but the forthcoming property management. Currently the property management company is being chosen on a competitive basis. The objective is to find an internationally reputable firm, since it is no secret that successful project management is no less important than high-quality construction operations.

«It happens that we fall for a nice picture but the reality check brings grave disappointments. This is not how we work. We do not compromise on management – it will be on the highest possible level. Along with that the price for this service will remain affordable and will be set at 40 baht per sqm. This is a very reasonable cost for all necessary services without meaningless extras,” – summarizes Yury Ryabov. The developer proves seriousness of its intentions by establishing a collaboration with Colliers, one of the world’s largest agencies with excellent reputation. According to Orion’s founders, they strive to be the best and most reliable company on the market, therefore they invest a lot into solid partnership connections, choosing only professional and proven collaborators.

When asked what is the project’s key advantage, the Pattaya company representative hesitates for a moment. Soon the construction will be completed, and everyone will see the myths around Orion become true. What would be the project’s hallmark then? Yury replies: “Most of the focus in our job is on people that will live in our houses. We strive to give the best to our tenants. That’s our secret ingredient.”


  • 21-storey building;
  • 300 maway from the beach;
  • 25 mlong infinity-edge pool, a swimming pool on the roof and a kids swimming pool;
  • a sauna, a steam room, a whirlpool;
  • construction start: 3rd quarter 2013;
  • construction completion: 2017.

Installment payment plan:

  • 50,000 baht for apartment reservation;
  • 15% of the apartment’s cost over 2 weeks after the reservation;
  • 20% of the apartment’s cost over 24 months;
  • 65% of the apartment’s cost upon occupation in 2017.



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